Forbes - The Top 20 Most Exclusive Golf And Country Clubs In America Honored With Platinum Status.

21st May, 2021

The feature highlights how private clubs are evolving in a post-pandemic world. Rathan Kumar, Founder, and CEO of MobiCom curating the largest network of private clubs and their members for PlatinumClubNet and OneClubNet shares his views. “It’s not just the game of golf that saw an upswing in 2020, but also membership at Golf and Country Clubs as they continue to offer a safer environment, higher levels of personalized hospitality, and cater to diverse tastes and preferences of the member family,” he said.

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Member Lifestyle-based Experiences

5th December, 2020

2020 is a year in human history that has redefined the way we cherish what life has to offer and keep hopes alive. while many lost all they had, many more reinvented themselves. as they say, the darkest hour drives the strongest human spirit.

PlatinumClubNet enables clubs stay relevant to members during such times, offering the ability to complement their lifestyle, outside of the club. PlatinumClubNet offers a host of lifestyle experiences with exclusive privileges, that no one else can offer to members, across entertainment, sporting, and shopping, and accentuating the value of membership.

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Published in `The FORUM', the official publication of Platinum Clubs, worldwide.

Member States

1st March, 2020

Unique, in its latest edition published about the future of private member clubs. The article talks about the efforts and opportunities in the private club industry and the need to improve their member engagement activities. It also focuses on the changing lifestyle preferences of the private club membership demographic.

Unique, a magazine that is hand-delivered in private jet terminals across the Middle East, South America, Denver, London, and Paris, is published in English, Arabic, Mandarin and Russian languages. The magazine is a preferred publication for millionaires, C-level executives, HNWIs, UHNWIs, and the royalty. Unique is the world’s most exclusive private jet luxury lifestyle magazine.

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Excellence in Platinum Clubs Celebration, an Annual Fellowship Evening

8th Feb, 2020

Held by Club Leaders Forum, the Excellence in Platinum Clubs Celebration is an annual networking and fellowship evening held alongside the CMAA World Conference. More than 80 General Managers of Platinum Clubs from around the world gathered for this celebration held at Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Centre. Grapevine, TX on February 8th, 2020.

Excellence in Platinum Clubs Celebration offered the Platinum Clubs General Managers and senior leadership of Club Leaders Forum and MobiCom a brilliant opportunity to engage and network. The attendees had the opportunity to update themselves about the happenings from the Platinum Club world.

As the world's exclusive network of Platinum Clubs, PlatinumClubNet is delighted to be embraced by the prestigious Platinum Clubs as a benefit program for their members, enabling a Global Platinum Club Citizenship.

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PlatinumClubNet at the Annual Platinum Club Leaders Forum

September 20th-23rd, 2019

Organized by Club Leaders Forum, Platinum Club Leaders Forum is an annual gathering of the Advisory Board and General Managers of Platinum Clubs. Keeping with the tradition, this year the annual event was organized over four days between September 20th to 23rd, 2019 at the prestigious The Club at Carlton Woods, a private membership country club, with a 50,000-square-foot clubhouse, featuring Italianate architecture.

The Club Leaders Forum annual gathering offered mastermind sessions through the course of the event, inviting 50 General Managers from across the world. The attendees and club managers engaged with PlatinumClubNet and welcomed its benefits.

PlatinumClubNet partner brands enchanted the audience at the reception evening with once-in-a-lifetime personalized showcase of fine cigars from PuroTrader with Pierre Rogers, Founder of PuroTrader and Louis Tres Cognac Tasting with Steele Cooper, Vice President – Sales, LOUIS XIII. We thank Dolce & Gabbana, Marchay Travel, PuroTrader, and Louis XIII for extending a bouquet of benefits to the participants and The Club at Carlton Woods for their fine hospitality.

Forbes article featuring The Top 25 Exclusive Golf and Country Clubs In The World Honored With Platinum Status

3rd July, 2019

Platinum Club status for a private club, globally, is one of the most prestigious recognition in the Private Club industry. Club Leaders Forum Advisory Board has been conducting a global survey to rank the club and awards them Platinum Club statutes since 1997.

As per the 2018-2019 Platinum Clubs® of the World winners list, the Top 100 International Golf & Country Clubs represent 30 countries, 14 clubs awarded Platinum status are from Asia; 10 private clubs are located in Great Britain and Ireland while 11 Clubs are located in Continental Europe. Read more about the Top 25 Exclusive Golf And Country Clubs In The World Honored With Platinum Status here.

In an exclusive partnership with Club Leaders Forum, MobiCom launched PlatinumClubNet™ in April this year, enabling members of Platinum Clubs of America and the World to request access to Platinum Clubs around the globe, engage, network and participate in bespoke experiences, enhancing value, benefits and relationships.

Whiskey Tasting Experience with Glenmorangie

26th Feb, 2019

At the back of the CMAA World Conference 2019 in Nashville, Club Leaders Forum and MobiCom invited General Managers of Platinum Clubs® to an exclusive Glenmorangie tasting. David Blackmore, the Glenmorangie Brand Ambassador joined the event and, it was very well received by the elite audience.

Glenmorangie pursues the craft of creating the award-winning single malt with uncompromising dedication – endlessly creative in their quest for perfection.

A big thank you to Glenmorangie for making this happen for us and for Platinum Clubs.

Excellence in Platinum Clubs Celebration 2019 - PlatinumClubNet™ Showcase

25th Feb, 2019

Excellence in Platinum Clubs Celebration is an annual event hosted by Club Leaders Forum inviting General Managers of Platinum Clubs® of America and Platinum Clubs® of the World. Now a tradition to Platinum Club managers, this year, it was hosted on Feb25th, 2019 at The Standard at the Smith House, Nashville, Tennessee. Announced this year was PlatinumClubNet™, a worldwide network of Platinum Clubs and their members.

At this exclusive invite-only event, the Primary Benefits of PlatinumClubNet™ were introduced to the elite gathering showcasing the PlatinumClubNet™ Member App and a calendar of Bespoke Experiences.

The Primary Benefit Program of PlatinumClubNet™ offers Club Members from the Platinum Clubs of America and Platinum Clubs of the World access to a global network of Platinum Clubs, participation in bespoke experiences and opportunity to network with other club members worldwide.

Club Leaders Forum and MobiCom Platinum Partners are excited to work with Platinum Clubs to offer access and lifestyle privileges to their members, globally.

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Launching PlatinumClubNet™ Member App

15th Feb, 2019

CMAA World Conference is an annual event that brings together the brightest minds and biggest names in the club industry, worldwide. Featuring a variety of educational sessions and networking opportunities, the 2019 World Conference will be held at the Music City Center, Nashville, TN from February 24 to 28, 2019.

3000 attendees from the club industry including General Managers, CEOs and COOs of some of the most prestigious clubs around the world is expected to attend this years conference.

MobiCom is excited to present Global Platinum Club Citizenship with PlatinumClubNet™ for Platinum Clubs and their Members, at this Conference. Club Members from the Platinum Clubs of America and Platinum Clubs of the World on PlatinumClubNet™ an request access to a global network of Platinum Clubs, participate in bespoke experiences and network with other club members worldwide, enhancing value of their membership.

MobiCom and Club Leaders Forum will launch PlatinumClubNet™ Member Mobile App and Web Portal at a private event with the General Managers of Platinum Clubs on Monday, February 25th 2019.

Please come and meet us at the CMAA Business Expo, Booth #1104, Feb 26th and Feb 27th, 2019 to know more about PlatinumClubNet™!

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PlatinumClubNet™ Crafts an Exclusive Lifestyle Experience for Dallas Athletic Club

31st March, 2018

Recognized as a Platinum Club® of America, Dallas Athletic Club prides itself in exceeding member expectations and offers the perfect place to celebrate life with friends and family. PlatinumClubNet™ curated an exclusive Tommy Bahama Spring Collection showcase for members of the club. At the back of the annual golf carnival on 31st March 2018, members enjoyed an afternoon with Tommy Bahama over golf and music with friends and family.

Inspired by the relaxed sophistication of coastal living, Tommy Bahama is dedicated to the good life. Stylish, upscale offerings include island apparel for men and women, footwear, jewelry, accessories and home décor, all designed to help relax in style.

What’s more Tommy Bahama extended an exclusive offer to members looking to experience the Island Life and celebrate the season in style!

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PlatinumClubNet™ Curtain Raiser at The Olympic Club

4th March, 2018

Club Leaders Forum celebrated 20 Years of Excellence at an exclusive evening hosted at the iconic Olympic Club in San Francisco on 4th March, 2018. Platinum Club® status is the most revered across the Private Club industry and over 75 of the most well recognized Platinum Clubs® in America and the Platinum Clubs® of the World joined the evening of celebration. Club Leaders Forum and MobiCom launched PlatinumClubNet™ at the evening, unveiling an ecosystem that enables members of Platinum Clubs® of America and Platinum Clubs® of the World to engage, network and create new experiences, enhancing value, benefits and relationships. The prestigious clubs can leverage PlatinumClubNet™ to drive member engagement and retention by offering bespoke experiences crafted exclusively for their membership, offering the finest in premier lifestyle. PlatinumClubNet™ also enables discretionary access on request basis offering access to members of participating Platinum Clubs®, worldwide.

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